No Kellyanne Conway Is Not Doing This Well

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On: February 16, 2017

  Earlier this week the news site Vox produced a video highlighting Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway’s ability to bob and weave her way through the ethical and operational minefields arising from the first few weeks of the Trump administration. They do this with a grudging degree of admiration for her relentlessness in not answering questions. […]

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Is your brand passing the “Yeah Right” test?

Posted in: Brand Reputation, Creative, Inbound Marketing, Storytelling

On: March 13, 2015

The Toyota Camry is many good things. It is a safe, reliable and relatively affordable family car. It’s solid transportation. Toyota has sold millions of them. But the Camry is not bold. Not even close. No car crazy teenager has a Camry poster on his wall, dreaming that one day he too can possess such […]

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The Power of Context

Posted in: Brand Reputation, Creative

On: March 2, 2015

Consider this picture. It’s epic funnyman Bill Murray, an actor whose reputation has only grown with his eccentricities. Behind him is the late Hunter S. Thompson, legendary writer, drug taker and social commentator. But you probably knew that. You already had context established for these guys. They are, for many people, interesting and cool characters. […]

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A Startup Marketing Playbook

7 Rules for the Social CEO

Posted in: Brand Reputation, Social PR, Storytelling, Twitter

On: February 13, 2014

Many traditional CEOs find social media to be a scary place. Anyone can, and usually will, contact you. Sometimes you get praise, and sometimes you get grief for the real or perceived failings of your company or products. It’s the Wild West and very difficult to lock down and control. There are countless stories of […]

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