History Shouldn’t Be A Mystery

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On: January 13, 2014

“History shouldn’t be a mystery/Our story’s real history/Not his story” When Chuck D and Flavor Flav dropped this rhyme on the historic Public Enemy album Fear of a Black Planet, they weren’t talking about social media. (While maybe Flavor Flav was, who knows what that guy was on about, even then.) But those Public Enemy […]

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Telling Your Brand Story

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On: November 19, 2013

Storytelling has become the “trend of the moment” in marketing. That’s unfortunate. Business trends come and go but storytelling is much more fundamental to our collective society than any buzzword. Stories have always been how people share experiences and try to make sense of the world around them. During the Mad Men era (1950s to […]

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Astronaut Chris Hadfield is Canada’s Greatest Content Marketer

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On: January 28, 2013

Commander Chris Hadfield, currently circling the Earth onboard the International Space Station, has rapidly become Canada’s greatest content marketer. Think about some of the content he has offered over the last few weeks: Live interaction with schools across Canada (including one in Saint John, NB) Frequently Tweeting photos of Canadian and other cities from space, […]

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Why Lance Armstrong’s Brand Comeback Fizzled

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On: January 23, 2013

Lance Armstrong apologized. We kinda thought he would. He admitted he used performance enhancing drugs the whole time. He was a cheater. Like everyone else in the sport of cycling, but still a cheater. He went forward and took his ritualistic abuse from Oprah, the apex of the American apology cycle. Oprah would express our […]

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Lance Armstrong’s Comeback Plan

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On: November 15, 2012

Lance Armstrong is disgraced. His seven Tour De France championships stripped away, his amazing story as an inspirational cancer survivor gone, his lucrative endorsements vanished and his Livestrong foundation in turmoil. He doped. He lied and denied over and over again. You almost have to admire the audacity of it all. Yet he got caught. […]

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