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The Six Types of Twitter Conversations

Posted in: Measurement, Online strategy, Twitter

On: February 24, 2014

The good folks at Pew have put together some interesting data on the six types of Twitter conversational archetypes. This infographic summarizes the findings, but the full report is worth reviewing.

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7 Rules for the Social CEO

Posted in: Brand Reputation, Social PR, Storytelling, Twitter

On: February 13, 2014

Many traditional CEOs find social media to be a scary place. Anyone can, and usually will, contact you. Sometimes you get praise, and sometimes you get grief for the real or perceived failings of your company or products. It’s the Wild West and very difficult to lock down and control. There are countless stories of […]

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The Cat in the Hat Leads to Twitter Victory for Arbys

Posted in: Creative, Social PR, Twitter

On: January 27, 2014

  The Grammys were televised last night and there was a predictable barrage of real-time marketing on Twitter. Most of it became forgettable background noise, except for fast food brand Arbys, which took advantage of the sartorially ambitious hat of singer/producer/fashion icon Pharrell to land the best Tweet of the night. Pharrell, no stranger to […]

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History Shouldn’t Be A Mystery

Posted in: Brand Reputation, Online strategy, Twitter, writing

On: January 13, 2014

“History shouldn’t be a mystery/Our story’s real history/Not his story” When Chuck D and Flavor Flav dropped this rhyme on the historic Public Enemy album Fear of a Black Planet, they weren’t talking about social media. (While maybe Flavor Flav was, who knows what that guy was on about, even then.) But those Public Enemy […]

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