Why Costco Won’t Save Mitt Romney

Posted in: Brand Reputation, Social Politics

On: August 28, 2012

The Republican National Convention in hurricane lashed Florida is underway with a singular mission – humanize Mitt Romney. Sure there will be lots of talk about how Obama has failed Americans and how only Republicans can create jobs and wealth. The subtext of this, of course, is that Obama is “un-American”, a closet socialist intent […]

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Obama Brilliantly Positioning Romney

Posted in: Social Politics, TV ads

On: July 16, 2012

Given the state of the US economy, one would expect that Barack Obama’s re-election would be in doubt. But that may not be the case if Obama’s impressive counterattack against Mitt Romney continues. Obama’s team has been incredibly skilled at communications, but it was generally defining their own candidate. Now they are turning that skill […]

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Taking #NBPOLI Back

Posted in: Social Politics, Twitter

On: May 31, 2012

Remember when the #nbpoli discussion on Twitter was a place for thoughtful and reasoned debate? Well, that brief shining moment seems like a long time ago now. In fact, some days it seems like #nbpoli has devolved into little more than name-calling and taunts. In many cases you’ll find more insightful commentary on an elementary […]

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Clay Shirky on SOPA and PIPA

12 Social Media Trends for 2012

Posted in: Facebook, Google, Online strategy, Social Politics, Social PR, Twitter

On: December 21, 2011

2011 marked the normalization of social media for many businesses. It was no longer viewed as some wacky niche channel use by “the kids.” Rather big brands recognized that we are at the dawn of the era of social business, perhaps the biggest game changer ever in the way customers interact with businesses. The pace […]

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