Kurt Vonnegut on the Shape of Stories

Building a Culture of Content

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On: January 19, 2015

Content is king. It’s a phrase marketers hear over and over again. In our crowded, cluttered million-channel universe with everyone yammering non-stop, brands need to stand out if they want to connect with their audience. And they can’t stand out with boring, predictable content. But where does that content come from within an organization? Content-driven […]

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If the CIA can be good at Twitter, why can’t your company?

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On: November 10, 2014

For many companies, engaging on social media is an awkward process filled with banal, soulless content cautiously offered. To do otherwise and take the perceived risk of showing a personality, they lament, would be “unprofessional.” And then they wonder why social media isn’t working for them. There is a surprising example of a serious organization […]

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A Startup Marketing Playbook

Storytelling Secrets from Dan Harmon

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On: April 14, 2014

Dan Harmon is a television producer, showrunner, actor and writer, most famous for the quirky cult hit Community on NBC. Like many writers, Harmon is an acolyte of Joseph Campbell, the American mythologist best known for his theory of the “monomyth.” According to Campbell, myths from cultures  around the world share fundamental structures and stages. A […]

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