12 Social Media Trends for 2012

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On: December 21, 2011

2011 marked the normalization of social media for many businesses. It was no longer viewed as some wacky niche channel use by “the kids.” Rather big brands recognized that we are at the dawn of the era of social business, perhaps the biggest game changer ever in the way customers interact with businesses. The pace […]

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Why your co-op student should run Finance and Legal (as well as Social Media).

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On: December 1, 2011

You hear this a lot from businesses struggling with social media: “We put up a Facebook page and a Twitter feed and let the co-op student run it. But it didn’t really go anywhere.” Ya think? The argument, such as it is, is that co-op students are young, and young people get social media. Therefore […]

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My Rust Proofing Company Has A Facebook Page. But Why?

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On: November 23, 2011

My local rust proofing company has a radio campaign running right now with a call-to-action to visit its Facebook page. Which poses the question: why? Who in their right mind would go to a rust proofing company’s Facebook page? Are there a lot of people who care deeply about their rust proofing company, who want […]

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Time to Put An End to the Press Release

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On: November 1, 2011

Public relations gets a bad name. At its best, it is really information sharing, storytelling and maybe a bit of mythmaking. But at its worst, well, it is self-serving corporate blather. Why? Let’s start first with the tyranny of the press release. Read 100 of the thousands of press releases issued in North America any […]

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Unfair and Unbalanced

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On: October 5, 2011

There was a time when people – from protest groups to FORTUNE 500 companies – had to use the media to get their messages out to the public. Those days are gone. Sure, the (traditional) mainstream media still plays an important role in our society. The media should help their audience understand the world around […]

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