David Olgivy Had It Right

Posted in: Creative, Measurement, TV ads

On: November 22, 2013

David Olgivy never ran a Google Adwords campaign or used retargeting to reach consumers – but he would have loved it. The legendary adman made a video nearly 40 years ago arguing that Direct Response advertising was superior to what he called, derisively, General Advertising. “Direct Response was my first love. It became my secret […]

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Is Social Media for Business Finally Growing Up?

Posted in: Facebook, Measurement, Online strategy, Social PR, Twitter

On: September 20, 2012

Most companies now have some kind of social presence. Yet many limit that presence to little more than extensions of their PR or marketing programs. And only a select few are truly engaging with their audience and moving beyond the use of old-school marketing approaches. That’s too bad, because social media is an important and […]

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It’s Easy to Shock, But Does It Work?

Posted in: Creative, Measurement, TV ads

On: March 27, 2012

It’s easy to shock an audience with advertising – but does shocking advertising work at actually getting a message across to the audience? That can be tougher to answer. In one memorable meeting a Creative Director I worked with told our client “I could take a dump on your boardroom table and that would be […]

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