David Olgivy Had It Right

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On: November 22, 2013

David Olgivy never ran a Google Adwords campaign or used retargeting to reach consumers – but he would have loved it. The legendary adman made a video nearly 40 years ago arguing that Direct Response advertising was superior to what he called, derisively, General Advertising. “Direct Response was my first love. It became my secret […]

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Is this ad real?

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On: September 6, 2012

Is this ad for real? From the Republicans? Wow. Update: It get’s worse. The supposedly “disaffected” Obama supporter is actually a Republican staffer. Oh boy.

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The Torch is Passed

Posted in: Creative, Social Politics, TV ads

On: September 4, 2012

The Ted Kennedy tribute video from the Democratic National Convention is a powerful bit of myth making – using Kennedy to slam Romney while simultaneously positioning Obama as a the true heir of JFK. There was a time when the Democrats would get spanked by the Republicans when it came to communications. Not now. Obama […]

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Obama Brilliantly Positioning Romney

Posted in: Social Politics, TV ads

On: July 16, 2012

Given the state of the US economy, one would expect that Barack Obama’s re-election would be in doubt. But that may not be the case if Obama’s impressive counterattack against Mitt Romney continues. Obama’s team has been incredibly skilled at communications, but it was generally defining their own candidate. Now they are turning that skill […]

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It’s Easy to Shock, But Does It Work?

Posted in: Creative, Measurement, TV ads

On: March 27, 2012

It’s easy to shock an audience with advertising – but does shocking advertising work at actually getting a message across to the audience? That can be tougher to answer. In one memorable meeting a Creative Director I worked with told our client “I could take a dump on your boardroom table and that would be […]

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