State of the Art of Propaganda

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On: September 22, 2011

This is the latest campaign ad from Texas Governor and Republican-Presidential-nominee-seeking Rick Perry. It is a slick piece of propaganda, like Michael Bay meeting Leni Riefenstahl. The sad thing is this spot is going to be very effective. You can never go wrong with appealing to the base patriotic emotions of Americans. And it is […]

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On: September 20, 2011

New Google spot uses familiar Seinfeld bit. But is it too dated for the audience they are going after? What do you think?

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What if we flipped genders on the Netflix Ad?

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On: July 19, 2011

You know this ad. A middle class mom gawks at a hot dude in a dungeon, part of a movie she is watching with the girls on Netflix. If we flipped genders, I wonder what the response would be? I’m not sure this version of the spot would last long on TV… INT. DUNGEON. We […]

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Is this the biggest Super Bowl Ad Flop ever?

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On: February 13, 2011

Its been one week since the Super Bowl. While many of us have tried to put the Black Eyed Peas half-time show out of our minds, the debate about the advertising continues. While VW’s “The Force” spot will probably be the only one we remember next year, there were clearly a few that didn’t work […]

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The Super Bowl of Advertising

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On: February 4, 2011

A version of this post originally appeared at the Radian6 Strategy blog. Ahh the Super Bowl. The greatest sports spectacle in the world. Gridiron monsters facing off to determine football supremacy. This year’s game features two great old-school franchises. It’s gonna be great. Of course, it’s an event that goes beyond sports. It is a […]

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