Obama Brilliantly Positioning Romney

Posted in: Social Politics, TV ads

On: July 16, 2012

Given the state of the US economy, one would expect that Barack Obama’s re-election would be in doubt. But that may not be the case if Obama’s impressive counterattack against Mitt Romney continues.

Obama’s team has been incredibly skilled at communications, but it was generally defining their own candidate. Now they are turning that skill into positioning Romney in an unflattering way. Check out this new – and devastating – spot.

Romney is being defined as the very epitome of the 1%. This not only neutralizes his claim that his business success makes him the man to revive the US economy, but sets him up as the man who crashed it. If this line of positioning continues, by the time the November vote rolls around most Americans may see Romney as some out-of-touch billionaire with a top hat and monocle.

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