Is Social Media for Business Finally Growing Up?

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On: September 20, 2012

Most companies now have some kind of social presence. Yet many limit that presence to little more than extensions of their PR or marketing programs. And only a select few are truly engaging with their audience and moving beyond the use of old-school marketing approaches.

That’s too bad, because social media is an important and increasingly scalable tool for business. Not just marketing, but customer service, sales, market research, product development and so much more.

The challenge, of course, has been the signal to noise ratio – how to discern meaning from the babble of online chatter. Companies want to listen to and engage with their customers and prospects, but it has been hard to do.

With the launch of its new Marketing Cloud at its massive Dreamforce show in San Francisco, Salesforce may have found a way to truly scale social media for business by creating a powerful integrated tool to manage an active and global social presence while – and this is key – integrating it into the operations of the broader enterprise.

The battle was once “who owns social media” in the business, PR or marketing? Today that’s like saying who owns the telephone in a business? Social has become ubiquitous in culture and must be inside the business as well.

As Scott Monty, Global Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager at Ford says, “Ford doesn’t have a standalone social media strategy — we have a business strategy supported by social media.”

With the Marketing Cloud, which brings together New Brunswick’s tech darling Radian6 with Salesforce’s newly acquired Buddy Media, businesses can now more easily manage social listening, content marketing, social engagement, socially-based advertising, social workflow and automation and social campaign measurement.

It will become a digital mission control that manages campaigns, monitors and measures in real time, and pushes social mentions to the right people inside an organization. It operates on a range of “rules” aimed at automating much of the process and fluidly directing information and insights to the right people in the business.

If it works, it will be a game changer.

Find out more about the Marketing Cloud.

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