Is Pinterest set to Dominate the Social Media Scene in 2014?

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On: January 21, 2014

Pinterest is often seen as a poor cousin to massive sites like Facebook and Twitter. But in only a few short years, Pinterest has emerged from pinterest_badge_redobscurity to become an important part of many social media programs. This is especially true for online retailers – Pinterest drives three-times as much traffic to sites as Twitter.

Pinterest is a powerful tool for online marketers not just because more and more people are using the site, but because of the ways in which they use it. The average Pinterest user stays on the site for 15.8 minutes, an eternity on the Internet. While some criticize the site because its user base is predominantly female, others understand that is a powerful competitive advantage.

This infographic offers some compelling points on Pinterest. If Pinterest isn’t part of your marketing mix, maybe it is time to take a look at it.

30 Reasons Why Pinterest will rule social media in 2014.

30 Reasons Why Pinterest will rule social media in 2014.

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