No Kellyanne Conway Is Not Doing This Well

Posted in: Brand Reputation, Language, Social Politics

On: February 16, 2017


Earlier this week the news site Vox produced a video highlighting Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway’s ability to bob and weave her way through the ethical and operational minefields arising from the first few weeks of the Trump administration.

They do this with a grudging degree of admiration for her relentlessness in not answering questions.

But let’s be clear. Kellyanne Conway is not helping anything.

Her transparently obvious obfuscation, misdirection and bloviation in the face of sharp questioning is not clever or shrewd. It’s laughable.

She’s not turning arguments around or offering a successful defence, she’s just embarrassing herself. She’s also one of many reinforcing the narrative of Trump’s presidency as an out of control train wreck.

As an advisor to the president, Conway is expected to face tough questions. Battling through them is her job. But doing that effectively requires some grounding in facts and authenticity.

That doesn’t mean you accept the premise of a question, but it does mean addressing it with some credibility.

Conway is just a message robot, repeating something ad nauseam until the segment is over. That’s not good communications, and she’s not helping her boss.

Not that anyone can.

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